Change "helper" value

I´m new to node-red so this might be a noob-question. Sorry in advance.
The case is following;
I have a manual setpoint which controls the heating setpoint in a room. I also have a "helper" entinity in Home Assistant that adjusts the same setpoint. (The setpoint tagg is adjusted on BACNet on the same priority,)
What I´m trying to do is when I adjust the manual setpoint, I want the feedback to adjust the setpoint on the same entinity in HomeAssistant.
I guess there is an easy way to do this, but I have tried a couple of blocks, including "call services". But just ending in an never ending loop.
The only thing that works the way I want, almost, is to use a dashboard numeric-block. Does anyone have a quick-fix for this matter?

Welcome to the forum @churtbeullar

In the numeric input node clear the checkbox ' If msg arrives on input, pass through to output:'. That should stop the infinite loop.

Hey again. And thank you. I understand that my question was a bit confusing. With the dashboard node, everything works great. (like in the screenshot in last post). But I want to change the dashboard node to something else, that works better with the "helper" made in HomeAssistan. Like a "call service" node, function or whatever.
Glad for any tips :slight_smile:

Sorry, I don't know anything about the HA nodes, and I don't think many (if any) here do. You would probably be better asking on a HA forum.

Hey. You are probably right. The function I´m asking for isnt HA specific tho. Should be the same function with modbus aswell. And probably any integration what so ever. I´ll post here when I find the sollution :slight_smile:

Those two statements do not appear to be consistent with each other. You said you don't want to use a dashboard node, which I took to mean that you are looking for something that displays in the users browser, if that isn't one of the node red dashboard nodes then what else could it be other than an HA node. Perhaps I don't understand exactly what you are looking for.
What type is the node that you have labelled in the screenshot with 'suggestion for node here'? I don't recognise it as one of the dashboard nodes.

OK, I have just re-read from the start of the thread, and see that currently you are using a dashboard node, a Numeric Input I think, though the screenshot is not too clear. So you don't want to use a dashboard node, but something else. Please explain what the new node needs to do, using terms that are not specific to HA.