Change IP address of server from modbus

Hi guys,

I was wondering if It's possible to change the IP address of a modbus server created on node red from the dashboard.

For example : If the sever IP address is at first I'm able to change to from the dashboard without having to go inside my code.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

If the node permits dynamic changing of IP then yes. Read its docs or contact the author if you get no answer here.

A workaround is to use env vars & set the IP to ${MODBUS_IP} - BUT - env are only read into node-red at start up - so if you do find a way to set MODBUS_IP env var from dashboard, you would also need to restart node-red.

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Okay.. I'ma see if I find a solution and I will post it here.


Try out the Modbus Flex Connector node ..
it allows to modify the modbus connection settings (including IP)


Thanks for the help :+1:

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