Changing home assistant entity states from node-red

Hi All,

Is it possible to change the state of an entity in home assistant from node-red.

My flat Has dual hive heating thermostats, one for bedroom and one which covers the remaining rooms.

In the evening the heating turns off apart from the bedroom.
When someone visits and sleeps in the lounge they will get cold so I want an automation to prevent the flat thermostat from turning off in the evening when guests are sleeping round.

One way I identified people are present is I've set a DHCP reservation for their mobiles to give it same IP and have a process flow running a continuous ping every 10 seconds. This then creates a variable to true and will perform the checks again 12 hours later before setting back to false.

I can't seem to figure out how to control my hive heating from node-red. But I've managed to create an automation in home assistant to set the hearing to boost at a certain temperature and for how long which is triggered when an entity changes state but stuck on how to change the entity state from node-red to trigger the automation. Calling a service and using switch turn on/off doesn't change state

Any ideas?


I suggest that you ask these kind of questions in the Home Assistant forum, topic integration Node-RED.

There are several options:

a) use the node call service (that may use a script).
b) use node fire event and in Home Assistant us an automation to listen to that event.

Actually - you may want to give a bit more info about your environment.

Have you gone with the embedded NR that is supplied through HACS on Home Assistant ?

If so that provides a heap of nodes that are designed for updating/using/querying HA states/entities etc

If you are using Standard Node Red (i personally recommend that) then you can add in the nodes for Home Assistant integration from here


I've figured out how to control my hive heating through node-red so don't need to worry about changing states in home assistant to trigger automations anymore.

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