Changing Node-red editor

Hi All,

I'm working on a new project around no-code and it looks like node-red is just perfect for me however, I'm looking to change a few elements on the editor and make it more user-friendly (for non-programmers). Is there someone here with experience in making changes to the actual editor (Not just CSS but some aspects of the UI/UX) that would want to work on a project like that? (Paid, of course).



Hi @Shaor99

Given that is one of the goals of the project, if you had specific feedback to share on what you think could be improved, I'm sure we'd appreciate it. That would allow the whole community to benefit.

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Hi @knolleary,

The things I had in mind are so drastic that it will change the whole interaction with node-red and I'm not sure it will fit the current user base. I hope that makes sense.


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