Chart node - 2nd outout

Hi there,
actually I'm struggling a lot with the chart-Node. One is: what is the second output for and how can I recieve data out of it.
Second is to customize x-axis to display alternativ values then the actual date. Found some hints at but the only one the works is difinung a chart-variable. This is complicate to fill. Delaing with topic or msg.timestamp don't work for me.
Need help

I'm so glad, to get so much of usefull response. So that is the very best forum around the world. Never seen something like that before.
The best is, to smash al lto rubbish.
Nice Christmas

Second output of chart node is explained in node help. Have you read it? It says: The node second output should no longer be used and will be removed in a future release. So nothing fancy you can or should do with it.

To customize x-axis - ui_chart is able to do basic charting and can not be heavily customized. Some little things can be done but you must be more specific by describing your problem. If basics of charting is not an option for you, then next step is gafana or some other dedicated charting/analyse platform.

People here help everyone by free will, by giving their time and knowledge for free. There is not much room for frustration if sometimes your problem is not the first one to be dealed with.

Thank you @hotNipi for stepping in.

As stated this forum is monitored and maintained by volunteers, a lot of whom have busy day jobs, especially at this time of year, so an instant response to a question may or may not happen. Obviously from your frustration I guess you are not on Santa's present list this year. C'est la vie.

This forum works best if you describe the problem and what you have done so far to try to make it work and where that is broken (for example by sharing a small part of your flow) - so others can then try to guide you out.

The second output is/was a hangover from version 1 of the dashboard and produced a trigger when the empty chart was loaded into the browser - that could be used to trigger (eg) a database read to re-populate the chart with data (that had been saved from the first output). It is now deprecated as the ui_control node does this for the whole dashboard and also adds other capability - so the second output is no longer needed.

The chart is intended for use displaying realtime data from live sources so is aimed at just taking a value at a time and plotting it. Loading generic charts is possible if you replace all the data in one go - as the link you referred to does explain. The format for all the data is non-trivial as there are multiple possibilities for lines and bars etc. It's up to you how to massage your data into one of those formats. Failing that others have successfully embedded other charting libraries using the ui_template node - but again it's non-trivial.

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I have read help for sure, but I obviously overread the hint. Sorry for that.

Secondly I've solved my troubles recently. Now it's all fine.
Sorry for being a little crude.

Thx again