Chart node background customization

I have been using the chart node to track the temperature in my home for a while now. I am currently polling several temperature readings from around the house and pushing the average into a chart node every 5 minutes to view historical data. What I would like to add now is the ability to overlay the state of the HVAC system over the chart.

What I envision is a way to send a message/topic to change the background on the timeline rather than add a data point. For example it might be set to show a green background when the HVAC system is "OFF", a red background when the HVAC system is "HEATING" and a blue background when the HVAC system is "COOLING", so over a 48 hour period I would see the temperature history with vertical bands of color, probably alternating between green and blue at this time of year, showing when the system switched states and to what state across the historical data.

Is there any way to do this currently? If not, is that a feature that might be useful to add in the future, and does anyone have other clever ideas or a different approach to accomplish this goal?

The thing you are describing is basically single line gantt chart. The dashboard supports couple of such. State trail node and possibly the Vega

But i think you mean that regular line chart background should have background behavior as the gantt chart. This will be too tricky to implement. The background can be set to be what ever you like...
(a slight gradient example)

But the main difficulty is to handle it in sync with x-axis time data. So I'd call it "Mission impossible".

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Having a combination of the existing dashboard chart node with the State trail node functioning as the chart node background is exactly what I am looking for! Since it sounds like something like that isn't possible I guess I will try setting up my dashboard with the state trail node directly below the chart node with a matching time period and hopefully that gives me a good enough visual reference.


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