clear single line in multi-line chart

I am using a chart with two lines: SolarProduction and SolarForecast.
SolarProduction is written during the day, one point per 15 minutes.
SolarForecast is written for the whole day, but should be cleared and rewritten totally all 30 minutes, when a new forecast is available.
For clearing , I send a message with an empty array ( or null) and the topic "SolarForecast". But this clears the whole chart including the line "SolarProduction".
What am I missing? For sure, as workaround I could write the SolarProduction to an array and redraw the whole chart. But is there a possibility to clear just one line?
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I don't think it is possible to clear just one line.

Thank's for your welcome and your confirmation! I changed everything to send the complete data array in one message, It works very well like that and even much more faster, since the screen refresh is done just once and not after every point

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