Clearing a chart?:

Did 1.1.1 release change how to empty a chart node? I sent a empty JSON array, only pushes a null point to chart. I sent empty string payload pushes a null point to the chart? Something change?

Empty array should clear the chart.

Set payload type to JSON and then '[ ]' right? An empty JSON array? I recreated the change node, tried again, that works now. Thanks.

It is already written in the node info. Now it is written a new thread

I was asking if something had changed. Because the first two or three times I ran my flow, it cleared just a point, not the entire chart. I redid the change node, and issue resolved.

Always, always, always, first suspect your own code if things are not working. My own experience :wink:

It may depend your flow. If you have multiple branches going into the chart, the outcome may freely become strange. But not wrong. By knowing anything about your flow can't say more.

Likely you are right, I two flows that end at updating the same table, if flow 1 is consistent, it clears the table before flow 2 updates the table. The table is cleared to avoid operator seeing old data that might be misleading, until flow 2 updates the table. I redesigned the flows such that I now get consistent sequence (timing). Been testing for a while, so far so good.

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