Click PLC information to Excel

I'm VERY inexperienced to all of this and after much turmoil I finally got Node-Red to receive data and send text to a Click PLC I have on the shop floor that is currently collecting natural gas usage via MODBUS from an inline gas meter.

I have three sets of data that I would like to merge with a date-time stamp and then send it to Excel. At the moment, I have the PLC sending the info every second.

So far I have the three MQTT payloads going through a JSON parser (converting to object) then to Write File. The values are exporting in a single row instead of in columns. Wondering if I need to use Function to add the date and time? I tried the Inject that works but not sure if that's the best option.

Hi @rbmgf7 first, welcome to Node-RED forum.

1.- there is an option in MQTT in node to "parsed JSON object":

Screenshot from 2022-08-09 15-39-21

2.- You should look at this: Aggregating sensor data with time stamp to save in excel

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