Cloud MQTT Dashboard

Good morning
I'm trying to control a PLC (read/write) from a Cloud platform available everywhere.
At the moment i have a Raspberry with node-red who read/write to PLC and read/write with MQTT to Aedes, installed in a Google Cloud VM on node-red. This last instance also publish a dashboard from where i can choose the data to write to the PLC and see in realtime what's happening. Everything works fine, but even after securing node-red i have few problems.I couldn't find a way for node-red-dashboard to create multiple users with different permissions (i need to add many PLCs from different sites, and users must see only their PLCs) and the only other way i thought is creating a VM for every PLC but that would be a mess.

Question is: do you know if i can do something more with node-red-dashboard, or otherwise can anyone suggest me a Cloud Platform ready to use, that supports MQTT read/write? Every Dashboard i found online is for read only

Thanks in advance

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