Collapse Group using "ui control"


i don't if exist another topic open similar or equal, i try to search but no success, so if i'm duplicate, sorry question is can i collapse a group using "ui control"?

I' not talking about, "hide" or "show" group ...




i don't if its possible to control this....


Doesn't that do what you want?

It doesn't "hide" the group. It collapses the group to the one line as you show in the last picture.

Hello ,

No, if i use command hide and show.... when i use hide that group disappear.


I don't think that group collapse/expand via ui_control is supported at the moment. At least I couldn't find any reference in the docs. A quick look at the code didn't reveal anything either.


thanks for the answers.

Yes i can't find too

if i look for html code, when i click to collapse the group the code call a function...

Maybe the another option is use the "height", but i don't know if is a good idea....

As it is a funky Thursday I have added the ability to open and close groups that can be opened and closed by the user, to the ui_control command. Now in master branch - (not yet on npm).
Syntax is similar to that for hide and show messages - but is open and close of course...



Can u help and guide me to to the same please.

or should i wait for new update in node-red-dashboard?


As Dave said, it will be in the next release. So I would just wait for that.

Patience is a virtue. :grinning:


it's true, sorry :smiley:


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