Combining data in a change node

I have stored in a change node my msg.payload to

Now I would like to set msg.payload.content with a String - say "This is my string: " followed by the content of

I have tried a JSONata element saying "This is my string: " & flow.get("xxx")
but it does not work.

Is there any other option anyone can show me!

Have a look at $flowContext(xxx) instead of flow.get("xxx"). flow.get("xxx") is JavaScript, which won't work in JSONata.

Hi ghayne,
thanks for clarification.

It showed the flow element is an array and my value is stored in the first element of the array (I guess 0).
Could you do me the favour to give me your help again and show me the syntax of the command accessing the array-element of my flow variable.
Thanks in advance.

Hi ghayne,
found it myself.
$flowContext(xxx)[0] - works


an alternative is to use a template node, where you could just use
"This is my string: {{}}"

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