Commercial use of node red questions

Hi everybody,

I have just some questions about nodered and commercial use, i explain me ;

At the begin, i'm a electronician, and i'm actualy in a professionnal conversion. i created a regulation to manage a inovant system in house to heating and cooling solutions, around water...

This regulation is ready now to pruduce, and running alone but, I have disigned a app with Nodered (with your help sometime :sweat_smile:), to have a real IoT with all user want to know like, energy saving, money gain, modification of parameters, etc ...
At the start, node red was just a good idea to try and test communication with my electronic card, but now, the result is for me very cool and nice !!

Normaly, when a customer buy a system connected like for exemple, automatic watering, he get the app freely. I would want that. Is it possible ?

If yes, in a cloud or server environment with nodered, how can (or external firm to do this) manage user account with crédentials ?

For now, transmissions between nodered and my iot is not encrypted, is nodered can manage ssl communications ? What a IoT transmit to the server about identification user ?

Thank you for you help, and have a good day :wink:

For the encryption, you can use MQTT with TLS/SSL and I recently found this free MQTT Broker

It has a dashboard to manage MQTT connection and many plugins for configuration as well as well-done documents.

For question, if NodeRED can use for commerical purpose, I think for small project is that not a big deal, but for a huge project, I am not sure if NodeRED can work with a lot of connections/ clients.

Thank you for your aswer.

For now, i'm communicating with TCP socket, iot client, not secured. What is advantage between TCP and mqtt with SSL or not ?

I'm waiting to receive un new UART/Net module for my card, that support mqtt + SSL firmware.

HI, please don't take this the wrong way, however, if you are producing a commercial tool based on a cloud connection, you NEED to get professional cyber security advice.

Failing to do so WILL likely result in your system being compromised, potentially resulting in loss of customer data. Either way, this will be a bad outcome for you and probably for your customers as well.

Depending on your locality, you may also well find yourself subject to civil and/or criminal damages.

At the very least, there are far too many compromised systems around that are giving bad actors platforms from which to freely attack others.

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Yes, i understand that. I know that a lot of cyber criminal love more and more hacking IoT. This is a big problem now in the world ...

But if all safety data issues are fixed, is node red can do what i want ?

Don't see why not.

Ok thank you, i will see all that.

node-red is open source using the Apache License 2.0 so you can use it commercially.

The license is a permissive license whose main conditions require preservation of copyright and license notices.

Ok very nice, thank you very much

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