Communication between node-red servers

I plan to have multiple node-red servers running. There will be, most likely, a main server that needs to collect data from flows running on the other servers.

Any pointers to reading on setting up such a thing?

Or, hints, etc.?

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What will the servers be doing?

typically things like providing data on my solar hot water system.

But other things like home sub-systems control and monitoring.

Use MQTT to send info back and forth. Here is a link to a description of MQTT

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All my Pi running Node-RED use MQTT to pass info

Definitely MQTT. I have 3 Node-red installs (Ubuntu, Pi3, Bluemix), and they all talk via MQTT (Mosquitto), as do some of my other home-control devices. It works flawlessly publishing JSON (as strings) - I'm not sure how easy it would be if you had binary content coming from your devices.

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