Compare msg.payload numbers

I have 2 function nodes which gives output as -
f1 node output : msg.payload.number - 123
f2 node output : msg.payload.number - 456
if f1==f2 then popup=employeeid.
This should show a popup with employeeid in worldmap
Could anyone please help how I can achieve this

Which are you struggling with comparing the two numbers or generating the world map entry?

Also show us your flow - I suspect the two values are in separate messages but I cannot tell from your description.

Here is my flow :

So I want to compare the output of text input node and the output of function node before worldmap node.
function node output : msg.payload.delivery_id --> received from mqtt
text input node output : msg.payload (which is also a delivery id) --> manually entered
I want to compare these 2 and if they are equal I want to add a popup in worldmap..

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