Compare two HTTP GET Requests

Dear all,

I have a special project, where I want to use the output of two different HTTP GET Requests as Input for an automation.

I am querying two different IP Systems with HTTP Get.
One System I am querying every minute, the second one I am querying only every 5 minutes, as the system doenst allow shorter query times.

The output is used for some kind of visualisation.

Now I want to setup an automation with the both outputs.

My first Idea was to start the flow, query the first value via a seperate HTTP Get, do a comparison with a SWITCH, if TRUE then query the second HTTP GET and do another comparison. Basically this works, but then I have again the issue with one of the two systems delivering error message, because the query-intervall gets to short.

So how could I accomplish the follwoing:
*) Two seperate Querys, one every minute, second one every five minutes
*) Whenever the 5 minutes query is done and the value below a threshold, then I want to check the second query (the one which happens every minute),check if the output is not outdated, compare the output with fixed values and start the automation, when TRUE.

Best Regards,

You could run them both at whatever individual rates are appropriate then feed them both(with different topics) into a Join node set to Key/Value pairs, send after 2 messages and after every message thereafter. Then you will get a message sent with the latest values from both requests each time either of them becomes available.

Many Thanks!