Composite two JIMP images using node-red-contrib-image-tools

I've got a flow which queries North America weather radar tiles using The Weather Company APIs. The tiles are just the storm radar, no underlying geographic map.
Separately another part of the flow queries MapBox and retrieves the baselayer tiles. That baselayer jimp image gets stored in a flow variable.

The two jimp images are the same size, same Zoom level. So far, it working fine.

I want to composite the radar image over the baselayer image. I'm confused by the composite options. I'm not getting the source / destination / opacity correct... I'm probably misinterpreting the required fields?


Got it. I had to read up on the definition of opacity. Changed the opacity from 0 to 100 and now the flow works.


Love to see the flow!

Here's a teaser recording of a Node-RED Dashboard which displays a time-lapse North America Satellite / Radar Weather map using the TWC weather apis.

I host a livestream on Thursday 5/27 and this will be one of my demos.

I'm packaging it up into a github repo.


I have posted the Node-RED-TWC-Weather-Radar-Map flow in GitHub.


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