Condition for differentiating testing with a helper node

How can we differentiate the normal usage and testing, at runtime based on some condition?
Something similar to :

if (process.env.NODE_ENV === 'test') {

So that we can prevent some initialization which may cause error while testing using npm run test.

Why not use that?

I sometimes add other tests at least temporarily, often to a small function that wraps console so that I can carry on dumping a gazillion log statements without worrying whether I left some in when I published the code :slight_smile:

Thank you for the response. I have used it. But I thought there would some difference when we start a test with helper node.

Seems it is a dumb question. :laughing:

btw, could you please show me an example on what you have told about the temporary tests? That will be really helpful.

I have this dirty code in one of my helper libraries:

const mylog = (process.env.TI_ENV === 'debug') ? console.log : function() {}

and this:

    /** Dump process memory use to console
     * @param {string} prefix Text to output before the memory info
    dumpMem: (prefix) => {
        let mem = process.memoryUsage()
        const formatMem = (m) => ( m/1048576 ).toFixed(2)
        mylog(`${prefix} Memory Use (MB): RSS=${formatMem(mem.rss)}. Heap: Used=${formatMem(mem.heapUsed)}, Tot=${formatMem(mem.heapTotal)}. Ext C++=${formatMem(mem.external)}`)

So I can use those in my code without much worry. I've occasionally used an IP address check as well during development of editor or front-end code such that running on localhost (e.g. my development environment) outputs copious information but running from the server doesn't. Lets me do UAT type tests without the noise.

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