Connect sveltekit with uibuilder

Hello everybody
I manage to send data from a sveltekit page to uibuilder which I retrieve on the same page to update variables.
On the page where I send data it works well, on the other hand if I have other tabs of my browser open the data is not updated



Thank you for your help and sorry for my poor English

With little informaion provided, it is hard to know what you are trying to do. However, I think you are trying to have multiple tabs open with the same page? If so, you need to remove the socket id from the output msg before sending to the input.

Thank you for spending some time with me.
Really sorry for my lack of clarity, but that's exactly what I want to do.
And your answer works very well !!!.
A big thank you to you Julian and "bravo" for uibuilder.

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I take advantage that it's my lucky day for another question :grinning:
Is it possible to generate in the future the template for "svelte basic" with support typescript ?
a big thank-you

Most things are possible! :grin:

If you can provide something reasonably suitable, I'd be happy to consider including a new template.

I don't use TypeScript though so I can't really help create it.

Hello, it would be with pleasure but I have not your competences. :grinning:
I already have a lot of work to understand uibuilder.
Nice day.

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