Connect to the NIBE Uplink API (or any Oauth2 API)


I have just gotten a NIBE heat pump with a connection to the NIBE Uplink web service, which has an API.

I also have an existing Siemens climate system with sensors and radiator motors in each room from which my Rpi3 gets info via a connected KNX-RF antenna. I need to send any heat demand or wanted temperature from the climate system to the NIBE Uplink APi somehow. I could do it via Node-RED->IFTT->NIBE Uplink, but would prefer to leave out IFTTT if I can. Also by directly connecting to the API I could also selectively read data from the heat pump.

I'm not proficient in javascript myself, but is there a plugin for generic Oauth2 APIs for Node-RED (I can't find any NIBE plugins), or a way I could quite easily connect to this API from Node-RED myself ?

About API (free to register and read documentation):



Alternatively, if you are more familiar with Python, there are several libraries and samples on the net. If those would be sufficient in terms of functionality, you could write a service/script in Python and communicate with NR using MQTT.



Thank you for looking but python programming is no good for me either. Has to be some kind of configurable generic or specific NIBE Node-RED node I think.



If you are unable to any programming (understandable, not every humans hobby or profession) you could eventually consider using HA (Home Assistant) as a bridge between NR and your NIBE heatpump. You do not need to program, just configuration stuff required. Check out HA and also this NIBE addon

The setup would look similar to this:

NIBE via uplink <-> HA <-> MQTT <-> NR

Both HA and NR as well as the MQTT broker runs very well in a single RPi3. I have HA and NR myself installed in a RPi3 just to get a good bridge between NR and Z-Wave. Once configured, HA is just acting as a gateway, a service running in the background, rock solid, nothing I normally touch

I think there are plenty of people on the HA forum that can give you advice about "how to" etc if you need



Thanks for the reply!

I´m wary of installing Hass just for this thing only, and was actually consciously steering away from it to keep my Rpi system from getting bloated. I couple everything to HomeKit anyway so wouldn't need any of the UI or control stuff in Hass. I currently run NR, Homebridge, Mosquitto and a java KNX background service (actually as a daemon in NR).

But I will have to consider it I guess. What is the minimal installation for this? The plugins for Nibe and MQTT ?



Those should be enough I think, then you need to configure some automation rules to handle commands from NR to NIBE. For the gui and the rest, you can just forget once it is configured to your requirements.

Your concern avoiding too many sw packages is relevant I think if it would be the case that you need to update & modify frequently. If it is stable (set & forget) I would not mind. Once you have the functionality in operation, why would you need to change this (NIBE) integration at all except if/when you buy another new heatpump

In my RPi3, Hass consumes 0.3 % cpu (out of 400 %) and 5,6 % of the memory, hardly noticeable

But it is your call, I have only seen & read that people seems very happy with the functionality



I’m warming to it :grinning: Even more so after I learnt you can access anything in Hass two-way without any configuration by using the Node-Red Contrib-Homeassistant nodes (of course any plugins in Hass will need some configuration in Hass). Much easier than communicating by MQTT between NR and Hass (I do however communicate from NR to other systems via MQTT)