Connecting Node-RED to an Omron PLC



I am new to learn Node-RED and its features. I want to connect an Omron PLC to it to make some tests. Could you guys tell me what node to use? The communication should be established throught an Ethernet/IP port.

Thanks in advance


A list of all the easily installable nodes for Node-RED is available here: (edited to correct url)


Thank you for replying, still the link is broken bro.




Unfortunately there don’t appear to be any omron related nodes.

Does the omron support OpenPLC? If so then this may be useful.


Actually I have no idea if Omron supports OpenPLC or not. How would man know if it does?


What is your PLC model?


Google might possibly help.



I've never used the node red, with plc omron .... but ethernet / ip is owned by Rockwell / Allen Bradley. What I can suggest is try to use the pccc knot, developed for rockwell plc.

if you are using the new ranges of the Omron NX1 / 5/7, NJ 1/3/5 ... I think these plc have the integrated OPC UA and it is of tassel, you do not have to buy the license.
but I'm not sure you have to confirm. With OPC UA you can communicate directly ..


Thank you for replying. You're right. My PLC is Omron NJ501-1400 and it does support OPC UA.



Problem solved ?


Hi @Cristiano

Since I am new to Node Red, I am trying to make the communication works. I am sure now that OPC UA node is the right now, but I am trying to figure out how to configure it right.