Connection Node-RED to postgreSQL server

Hello everyone,

This will be my very first post!
I want to connect Node-RED to a PostgreSQL server and for test reasons just create a table into the database. However, after configuration, I am not able to create a table. It doesn't show anything. The output on the right of the picture is from the first msg.payload. After the PostgreSQL node there is no output.

In the pictures below I will show you the configurations:
Node-RED view:

Inject node:

msg.payload = CREATE TABLE student(intCarrierId INT PRIMARY KEY, intBatchId INT);


msg.queryParameters = msg.payload;
return msg;

Localhost PostgreSQL Server
Password: 1205

Please, help me to find the solution!
Thanks in advance.


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I see you have already reposted this in the General category (you could just have changed the category on this one) so I will close this one in order to avoid confusion.