Connection to websocket for updates, how?

Good day,

I'm looking for a way to connect to a simple websocket to receive real time events, an example can be found here: (view-source).

How can I best achieve this in Node Red?

Did you search in flows?

I did, all of the nodes are focused on NR being the server - I need to connect as a client...

Did you look at

I don't believe this supports a connection, sadly.

So the node

doesn’t do what you want?

Nup, this node does not allow events to be sent for authentication for example, normally requires parameters to be sent to subscribe, in my case it's 2 simple parametres (authentication and box_id).

I'd be interested in understanding more about how this works because I've been struggling with security implementations on myself for uibuilder.

If I can understand how someone else has implemented this and how well it works, I might even be persuaded to write a node for you :wink: