Contrib Node update warning/notification

Hi there all,
I use Node-Red installed inside Hass OS and I like a lot to use it.

I have a node-red-contrib-tesla node installed, that I use in order to send charge start/stop
for my Tesla car, but this days it was some update of this node and I didn't know.
So today I understand that the flow was not worked.
I then understand that there was an update of node with some new login on tesla server.
Now is torn back to work :slight_smile:

Now I just want to ask if there is some possibility to have something like email warning
or something else in order to understand that there is some node that I must update.
I can't login in Node-Red script every day in order to see if everything i ok.
Is there this possibility please ?

Thanks in advance

What was it that changed that made it stop working? Was it something at the Tesla server, assuming that is how it works.

They (tesla server) have change some parm. in the API login so then the creator of node-red-contrib-tesla
have make an update on the node in order to be compatible with the new login API.
Something like this... but I'm not expert of API, I don't know exactly...

My Node-Red script send the current in case of too much photovoltaic production,
and when the Tesla PowerWall2 home battery it's over 90%.
Or else, the Node-Red flow stop the Tesla car charging at 60%.

But today I so the Tesla car at 95% charged, and the PV was not produce too much today.
And the Tesla home battery was at only 16%. (raining at Milan)
At this point I understand that in the flow it's something wrong :frowning:


This flow should allow you to regularly check whether there is an update to that node. It uses the npm outdated command.

Thanks a lot Colin
I'll take a look at home :slight_smile:

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