Contrib-tuya-smart randomly switching/resetting plugs

Even though I can successfully control switches, I find on occasion the switch flips to off and on again.. multiple switches and vendors

The only clue is that the frequency of these random restarts appear increase with faster polling period.. I'm wondering if the node is actually making the device crash?

the debug nodes dont report the OFF status at all during this "glitch", and there are no alerts from IFTTT (which I also have an alert set if switch goes off)

As it is a contrib node, there is no guarantee that the author of the node will see this thread.
You can open an issue on the nodes github page which will open a dialogue directly with the nodes author.

FYI Guys
You can now use this plugin without tosmota flashing

Aha, finally found someone with the same problem. One year I've been searching for a solution, even bought a new switch but still the same problem.

The single switches are working perfect. Only my double switches keeps having this issue :sleepy:

I have the same issue although I have almost 55 devices, only the two gang tuya switches keep doing device reset