Contribute ui-media to node-red-ui-nodes

Hi all,

We've developed and published node-red-contrib-ui-media as a node to display media content on the dashboard.

I've noticed there's an "official" repository with contrib nodes for the dashboard, node-red-ui-nodes, and we're thinking about donating/moving the ui-media to this repo. The intention is that more people could identify and fix small issues faster than what we can (as recently happened), or even improve it with new functionalities. We still want to contribute with its maintenance, but we're a small startup with limited resources, and things usually move faster on the wild of open source.

Maybe @dceejay would you be the one for judging/accepting this? Opinions are very welcome!

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well the node-red-ui-nodes are ones that the project maintains... but as I am the only one doing that - then however small your team is - I can safely say it is larger than me :slight_smile: - so I think it is better that you are in charge of your node !

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