Control of video and data in one

Hi guys,

I have a new interesting assignment. I want to film over a network camera and have data available over modbus tcp at the same time. Now I would like to control my video material, say the last 5 min, and the last 5 min of my measured values together over a scrollbar to the simple evaluation of the data to see exactly why this measured value occurs now.

Is this possible, to control an array of data and a video with one scrollbar?



To drive two flows from one scrollbar you can feed the scrollbar into both flows. You can have many output wires from a node as you want.
However I suspect that is not actually the question that you are trying to ask.

Is this a job task you got from your employer?
Do you want to transfer video data over modbus??
Are you looking for how to record and view video???

yes it is a job task.

No the video is saved on a ftp server.

I am looking for how do control a video and a table of values with one scrollbar

If you know how to control them each with separate scroll bars then I already told you how.

I am at the beginning of development. So maybe in a few days/weeks I can combine them