Converting SQLite Query to a CSV File


Quick question, I'm hoping you folks can help me out with. I've created an SQLite database to store time-based data about my system and want to create and export a .csv file of specific queries on demand.

So far I'm able to create a query, send the returned database results in a message, and convert to a CSV, and create a file; however, it looks like only a portion of the data is being transmitted.

There are 14 columns of data I expect to be exported, but only 5 are visible in the .csv file. See screenshots for output.

How is the csv node configured ?

CSV node configured as shown.

Your template line says things like bin50 which doesn’t match the debug that shows things like b50

That was it. Thank you! It works like a charm now.

Hey Zacharyalan,
Could you possibly share your flow? I am stuck in this function to export sqlite to csv.