Copying everything between two NR instances

Yup. The only wrinkle that I might have, is I am using old 32 bit hardware. So I will be off the reservation on that point.

Shouldn't be an issue either I'd say.

I am using on both systems the latest docker image with nodered 1.1.3.
One host is a Debian 10 VM and the other one is a MacOS running docker desktop.
The "source" is the Debian. The "target" in the Mac.
I have (re)started the process... and it works!
So, for reference, here is what I have done:

  1. Start container on the target machine.
  2. Edit the settings.js to add the same credentialSecret as the source
  3. Install a node from the palette that has a configuration node (Used one of the "sun" ones)
  4. Create a location and deploy
  5. Stop node red
  6. Copy flows.json, flows_cred.json and packages.json from source to target
  7. Start node red container
  8. Open a console on node red container and run npm install
  9. Restart node red and voilĂ 

Not sure 3. and 4. are useful... But I thought why not "activate" the credentialSecret this way :slight_smile:

Lesson learnt: it can be done and it works.

Thank you all for your help!!

It is the occasion for me the mention that the nodered forum is probably the best forum I have ever used.
A lot of experts are really taking the time to explain things and help beginners with patience and kindness.
Thank you guys (I will not start mentioning names, I don't want to forget anyone :wink: ) for making this forum a nice place to be and to learn.

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Awesome you got it solved! And I wholeheartedly agree on this. After reading thousands of forum posts during the spring lockdown period I was really taken by the general atmosphere of the forum. I then decided to start posting and try to contribute a little also. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Cool. And... I came to the same perspective after I had joined this forum, the people on this forum are hands down some of the most help, supportive, and dare I say... patience people I have ever encountered in any forum in just short of 40 years in the IT industry.

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I'm much younger... Only 35 years of IT background this year :slight_smile:

42 years for me and I agree that this is the best IT forum I've ever taken part in.

Under 30 in IT... you are still GREEN... LOL. I have two friends, both give me crap about only about 40 years in. They have 45 and 47... and still working... CRAZY IDIOTS. But they love what they do, as do I, but I REALLY love being retired... and just doing the odd job now and then for fun money.

Married late so I've 1 child just starting Uni and another a couple of years away. Between that and the uncertain times, I've delayed retirement for now. I do love my job though I am certainly starting to look longingly at all that time :slight_smile:

Yeah, if I was still working, I would keep working, good strategy. Given I am in my low 50s, I can still work at any time, I loved what I did... Enterprise virtualization engineering. If I get bored, there is a lot of contract work for virtualization gurus all the time.