Export flows form one device to an other one

i read something in the past that if i need to export flows from one device, and insert them in an other device, the credentials, passwords, etc... are lost.
But i think there is a way to make nodeRed work in the same way about the security/credentials on several machines, so that a flow created on one device acn be imported on an other one without loosing anything.
But how to do this?

Or use projects and transfer via GitHub. If you have done the setup once it is a very convenient way including version control.
I use it for transfers between my develomnent laptop and my server.
And if anybody lives under as stone :wink: you don’t have to share your project with the rest of the world. Thank you microsoft! Don’t know why you got so generous these days :+1:

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and where is this file,

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19/02/2020 12:31

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[General] Export flows form one device to an other one

In Node-RED (hidden) home directory:


To be more precise, Node-RED logs the full name of the file it is using when it starts.

And when you come to copy it, you must also copy the matching _creds file - as that is what holds the credentials that the editor cannot export.

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