How to transfer flows including package.json


If I wish to transfer the complete flows into a new machine then;

  1. I can download the flow.json file using the editor. Menu -> Export or Ctrl/⌘-e shortcut and import it from the new machine using the editor. No shell access is required. Great!

  2. I also need to transfer package.json and run npm install in the .node-red folder. This will install all necessary nodes.

The problem is that the second step requires shell access. Is it possible to export/import (or backup/restore) the entire flows using the editor?

Many thanks

Though I am guessing I believe you are on an Apple?

Could you confirm which O/S (Computer?) you are using as this may have bearing on how to solve the problem.

You also need flow_creds.json and the encryption key used to secure this file. That can be found in the .config.runtime.json file if you are using the automatically generated key or in settings.js if you have manually set one.

All of these files will be in the .node-red folder (the ones starting with a leading . will be hidden by default)

I have been wondering about this too. Perhaps a Download Backup option which downloads something like a zip file, containing everything in the user folder except node_modules.

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What about the flow that Paul Reed published. node-RED Backup Flow

I understand the request, but doubt that going to happen, as it would expose both the credentials and the key to decrypt them via the browser, which is a VERY BAD IDEA

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I'm wondering if the projects feature can help with that

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Good point, I withdraw my suggestion.

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