Export functionality clears node properties

When exporting certain nodes. For example Azure Documents, some of the key properties are not exported. I understand the security concerns about exporting keys and such but there should be an option to export everything in order to move it to a new device or make a backup. Is there some functionality that I can enable to force an export of all the properties so that I can make a complete backup?

Not via the browser - no.

What do you mean "Not via the browser". Is that implying there is some kind of command line way of doing it?

If you have full access to the server file system then of course you can copy anything. The flows_{name}_cred.json file contains the encrypted credentials for the flows_{name}.json flow file.

Ok, thanks. So if I want the same flows running on multiple devices then I can just copy and past those files into the .node-red directory or is there another way to import the *_cred.json file?