Coral TPU on Windows 10

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Google recently added support for the Coral TPU AI accelerator to Windows 10. A friend gave me a Windows 10 "mini pc" and asked if I could get my security system add-on running on it.

I succeeded, but I don't have Windows equivalents for the bash scripts used by node-red for start, stop, powerdown, delete old files, etc.

If you have a TPU and want to give it a try on Windows 10 here is how I did it:

Some performance tests with Windows 10 running on an i3-4025U

  • 5 Onvif 720p cams : ~32.9 fps, probably limited by the rate Onvif snapshots can be had by HTTP requests.
  • 4 RTSP HD (1080p) : ~11.8 fps, rtsp streams from the DVR are set for 3 fps each.
  • 4 RTSP UHD (4K) : ~12.4 fps, rtsp streams from 4K DVR are set for 3 fps each.
  • 5 Onvif, 4 HD (1080p) : ~28.1 fps.
  • 4 HD and 4 UHD : ~15.7 fps, this is clearly overloaded.
  • 8 HD rtsp streams : ~23.9 fps, basically every frame, much better with HD than UHD streams.

I should add that the Coral TPU USB accelerator has come down in price, it was originally ~$80, its now available for ~$60. It and an old Windows10 PC with USB3, and a couple of ~$30 netcams from Amazon (or your existing security DVR) you can try the AI enhancement without diving into IOT class devices.


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