Could be possible doing something like this parallel run

I want to improve the speed of one application similar as this example.
I need to avoid http requests and continue with some stuff while the flow is doing logoff
But I observed never goes throug logout function / http request

Is it possible to do something like this?

It is not clear what you mean. What do you mean 'it never goes through logout function'?

Yes, that should work.

But remember that NodeJS ( and so Node-RED ) is single threaded and event loop based and that messages will flow from the http-request node to which ever of the logout or some stuff function node was connected first. Execution will continue down that leg until the code yields, which is normally when some IO event is started.

This might be when the msg hits the last http-request node at which point control will be given to the other branch of the flow.

Thank you.
I understand now the behaviour I have that sometimes goes to logout.
Much userful

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