Count up/down - logo! v8 siemens

I created a program that uses the Logo block! v8 siemens to perform product counts through sensor.

How do I view the counts inside the Dashboard in Node-RED?

Nod-RED version: v16.13.2
Node-JS: 8.1.2

As I'm new to the forum, if you have any material on the subject, could you please send it to me?

Thanks for everyone's attention!



If you share your flow I can show you how.

Sounds like debug node + debug side bar
or UI and UI nodes

Welcome to the forum @spectrumm2022

That isn't the node red version. What do you see for it in manage palette?

That is a very old version, long out of support. What OS/ hardware are you using and how did you install node red?

16.13.2 makes sense as a nodejs version
8.1.2 makes sense as the npm version

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