Create a subflow with in- or output that can be disabled

Hello, I'm new to this forum.

I want to create a subflow and have the question if it is possible to disable the input or output?

If you take a look at the email-node, there it's possible to change the mailreceiving from seconds to "if triggered". Then an input appears. Is this behaviour also possible with subflows?

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If you don't want the subflow to have any inputs then set the input count to zero. Perhaps, however, I misunderstand the question. If so then please try to explain in more detail.

Ok, I try it:

I want to use a subflow for switching on and off lights and other switches. For switching, I need an output, but for setting the correct state to the dashboard switch, I also need an input. But I don't want to make two subflows. So the subflow must have both (input and output), but I never need both at the same time.

Just take a look at the email node as I desribed in my initial post, the the input can be enabled.


No. The number of outputs of a subflow is a static property.

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