Create an dashboard by photon that connect to ncd thermocouple

I have an thermocouple ( IoT Long Range Wireless Thermocouple Temperature Sensor) by ncd and I want to make a dashboard that show the connection by the Photon (Particle) and the thermocouple. I made the sensors mannuals by ncd, but ncd didn't have the support for the Photon, just said that the thermocouple could be used with the Photon.

If someone have an suggestion, please tell me. Regards

what is Photon? a platform? a hardware item?

please provide more info.

Is a tiny WIFI IoT device created by Particle (

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Import the particle node in node-red, and publish an event on the photon, subscribe to this event in node-red.

You can use the dashboard node to show the output in a graphical form.

On the photon you need to find the correct library to import to read the values, for example the dallas libraries or SPI.

I expect to create a display from the value of a variable embedded in my photon.
Node red seems to be great for that.
Is threre any tutorial to explain the steps i have to realize ?

Use the 'variable' node from node-red-contrib-particle, pipe the result into a template node to extract and format your values (assuming you have more than just a simple var), then use a node-red-dashboard node of your choice (for example the chart node) to display it.

For example I have a variable called 'uptime':

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