Create electron app with uibuilder file

I have just discovered electron app which are awesome. I am wondering if it's possible to use the uibuilder code which run with VueJs with Electron, so I could create a real app which run with node-red.
Actually I have a python code which run to read some sensors values, then I receive the values inside node-red using MQTT and then I have made a webpage with uibuilder as a user interface.

It would be great if I can "merge" all of this into on single app so when the user double-click an icon :

  • it runs my python script
  • lauchn node-red
  • open a UI interface which lauch the uibuilder code

Thanks for your idea about this project.

In theory yes. In practice, I don't know as I've not built and Electron app in a while.

Electron provides a wrapper around node.js and turns it into a executable.

You would need to build your own version of Node-RED with the appropriate packages included I suspect. There is an existing version of Node-RED as an Electron app so I'd start there.

I'm fascinated though and would really like to hear how your experiment goes. If it successful, I'd love to get a write-up of how to do it on the uibuilder WIKI.

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ok thanks for your answer, I will investigate. If I got something interesting I let you know.

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