Create user for running flows only

I want to create 2 kinds of user for my system - Workflow creator and workflow Runner.
The runner will be able only to run the flows and change the input if needed.
I'm trying to do so with these changes in settings.js file:

  adminAuth: {
       type: "credentials",
       users: [{
           username: "admin",
           password: "$2a$08$zZWtXTja0fB1pzD4sHCMyOCMYz2Z6dNbM6tl8sJogENOMcxWV9DN.",
           permissions: "*"
            username: "runner",
            password: "$2a$08$zZWtXTja0fB1pzD4sHCMyOCMYz2Z6dNbM6tl8sJogENOMcxWV9DN.",
            permissions: [""]

The admin user work properly, but the 'runner' user can't even login.
If i change the permissions of 'runner' to 'read' only, I cant run any flow

Is what I want to implement is possible? If so, what I need to change in order to implement it?
I'm using node-red 0.20.7 version

What do you mean by 'run a flow'? The runtime is always running all flows that have been deployed to it.

I want that user runner will be able to run flows from the editor when it is needed.

Are you wanting to just allow user to click on inject nodes?

Or do you just want user to be able to view the flows without ability to change them?

I want user will be able to enter new input and then inject the input node

Then they would have to be able to deploy the flow as well, so what is the difference between them and your "Workflow creator"?

The flow editor is not really meant for users to add input & inject.

You would be better off creating a dashboard that permits the user to enter a value then press a submit button to "allow input"

AFAIK that isn't possible with Node-RED editor without giving user full access rights

Thanks, I will look into dashboards idea

Why don't you simply put up a little dashboard ?