Creating an iioT app using Node-red + VueJs

Hello everyone.

First of all, I am recently learning software development skills, so don't embarass me :slight_smile:
I am developing a dashboard to manage and monitorize an industrial large process. I would like to receive some second thoughts about the languages and communication protocols I am using: Node-Red + VueJs .
Node-Red receives information from other systems (like a Planning System), PLCs, Database,etc. and transmits that infomation, when needed, via MQTT to the VueJs application. The other way happens as well.
In terms of security, I am using the Keycloak tool to authenticate and authorize different users in different pages. The node-red is also secured with their own login system. Should I be worried about changing from HTTP pages to HTTPS in my Vue app? What about protecting the information that flows via MQTT?
The application will run on a private company domain.

I am sorry if this is a bit messy, I hope I can get some more insights from you developers.

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Don't worry, we aren't into that here. This is one of the best IT forums on the Internet.

Do you know about node-red-contrib-uibuilder? That lets you build data-driven UI's with Node-RED and VueJS (or indeed any other framework but it comes with VueJS examples).

You should never try to secure any web system without HTTPS. But using keycloak I think you are doing HTTPS at the web server and not at Node-RED's server. In that case, you would only want to think about putting HTTPS onto Node-RED and your Node-RED served VueJS pages (using uibuilder for example) if your keycloak server is separate to your node-red server and over a network that might get compromised (frankly I would always choose to do so if the system is in any way valuable to you or your customers, it is a tiny overhead for a decent amount of security).

Same again. Use an encrypted MQTT connection wherever you need to move data over a network that might get compromised (pretty much any network)

The typical time for an enterprise to realise that its network has been compromised can be 1-2 years. So if your system has value, encrypt the connections. Otherwise, all that time, you will be transmitting information in the clear - including logins.


Thanks for your quick answer. I’ve worked with uibuilder using VueJs pages, however later I would like to implement a ROS interface and using that I may think I am limited.
Just one question, if I want to encrypt MQTT data, how can I get a certificate to upload in the node-red Aedes broker?

I don't really know what that is. But if it is web-based, you can almost certainly use it with uibuilder, letting uib act as a communications interface between Node-RED and your UI. uibuilder does not require any kind of front-end framework to do what it does, it works just fine with "raw" html and javascript. All the talk about things like VueJS are simply because that provides a massive boost for the majority use-case which is building data-driven web apps.

Managing certificates is always a little fraught if you've not done it before. Undoubtedly the easiest way is to make use of Let's Encrypt. There are even nodes for node-red that will help you work with LE. Personally, I use LE's "Acme" shell script on a CRON schedule on a Linux machine - but if that is gobbledegook to you, stick with the node.

You will need a spare publicly visible domain however if you want to use LE. If you need something new, try using the free tier of Cloudflare to purchase and manage a domain. It is only a few dollars per year.

You can do all of this with private - so-called "self-signed" certificates - but it is a lot harder.

Either way, you will finder older threads here in the forum covering both approaches and specifically covering how to secure MQTT traffic.

Usually when I see ROS I think Robots...

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