Creating an Inject timer in a different timezone?

I'm running NodeRed to manage my MQTT / Tasmota home automation devices.
One of the devices turns my hot water immersion heater on and off on Economy 7.
(in case people don't know what Economy 7 is in the UK, its a cheaper rate electricity, for 7 hours overnight, to use for electric storage heaters and hot water. I pay about half price for electricity during a specific 7 hours over night.)
My NodeRed server (RPi) is installed in the UK timezone which switches between British Summer time and GMT. I use BST for other devices, like lights and garden watering.
However, Economy 7 does not use BST. It is always on GMT.
I want to set a timer to turn on the heater at 11pm and turn off at 6am GMT, irrelevant of the current local time ?

Is that possible ? If so, how ?

Thanks !


Use one of the nodes intended for just such purposes. For example node-red-contrib-schedex or node-red-contrib-bigtimer.
[Edit] Though looking at them I am not certain you can force them to use UTC.