Creating and iterating through array

Following up my previous question regarding watchdogs;

I'm figuring out a way to save this data into an array.

Let's say I have these 3 devices;

  1. device_1
  2. device_2
  3. device_3

My flow creates timestamps for these 3 devices;

  1. 1234567
  2. 1234568
  3. 1234569

First, I would like to make a flow.set() for this combined data.

If stored, I would like to iterate this data to see what timestamp is overdue and to know what device_id is to blame.

I used to do some C++/C# but it's quite a while ago and a bit different in some ways :slight_smile:

Personally I think I would do each one separately. Then put one instance of the watchdog in the path of each device. Much simpler logic.

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