Creating HTML output

Hi I am just starting and I am stuck with a trivial problem. I managed to create an hello world page with

http in --> html --> http response


I also managed to read data from an device in my network.

incoming --> convert --> debug

nodes give me my desired out data put as string.

I am not able to join those two flows. I would like to have my msg.payload data shown on the website. I tried with a join node but did not manage to configure it right.

Thanks for any help

Hi @seballa

Can you export what you currently have and paste it here?


Flow JSON Here

But as a hint, you will do something like this.

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Have you looked at the Node-red dashboard?

After you install it you can easily create a simple web page showing data from your flow as text, chart, gauge etc.

Grr! Thanks to my phone for correcting my language so adroitly


You might want to look at UIBUILDER. It gives you full control over your web content but adds features for 2-way information exchange with Node-RED. It now also has some no-code and low-code UI creation features.

Dashboard will get you going very quickly but its nature tends to result in some limitations as to what (or perhaps more accurately how) you can do stuff. UIBUILDER lets you work with or without front-end frameworks, lets you use standard web development tooling to develop your front-end code if you like but also provides some shortcuts with the no-code and low-code features. And plenty more.


Thanks a lot for the quick reply. I managed to get my flow working with your flow example as a basic guideline. I was not really understanding how the link call nodes work. Now I do.


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I used the link call node as a drop in replacement for your get device data node (not knowing what you do of course) - so it was a happy accident :smiley:

But as above, both UIBUILDER, and Dashboard are perfect candidates to display data in real time, so do check them out.


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