Creating nodes - class concept

What is the best way to create new nodes and use it in Node-red app. Something like the class concepts in c#. My idea is to create a node to use as a template in different situations, like a form data enter to transfer data to PLC. It should be possible to define the connect communication and use it as a recipe.

You can easily use the javascript classes to define your nodes, for example:

module.exports = function(RED) {

  class flexdashCtrl {
    // config: name, fd_container
    constructor(config) {
      RED.nodes.createNode(this, config)


      this.on("input", msg => {



But I'm not sure that's what you were asking about?

uibuilder makes extensive use of shared classes - specifically single-instance classes. It also uses at least 1 external package for a standardised event-handling class. Though it doesn't go as far as defining the node itself as a class but rather uses a restructured set of functions that makes defining more complex nodes a lot easier and enables easier parsing of the different elements. I've used those principals in a number of nodes now.

Where I can find some documentation and samples ?

For uibuilder? The GitHub repo: GitHub - TotallyInformation/node-red-contrib-uibuilder: Easily create data-driven web UI's for Node-RED using any (or no) front-end library.

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