Credentials keep disappearing

The credentials for all of my various NodeRed connections keep disappearing. MQTT, Email user/pass, Google Home, etc... Any node that stores credentials will have it's credentials wiped out from time to time when I make a flow change. Restarting NodeRed will also cause it to lose the credentials.

I've tried running NodeRed from the command line so I can easily see what the logs show, but there is no error message when the credentials.

The flow.json I'm running used to be part of a NodeRed server with Projects enabled. I turned off projects and migrated the flow. Everything runs fine, until the credentials disappear...

Any ideas why this is happening?

What version of Node-RED are you using?

Have you set credentialSecret in your settings file? If not, it is possible something is corrupting the .config.json file that stores the auto-generated encryption key. If that gets lost, the runtime won't be able to decrypt the credentials file and they will get reset - the runtime does log in the console if that happens.

This is why we strongly recommend setting credentialSecret

Yes, I do have a credentialSecret in my settings.js file. I'm running v1.0.5.

Is this a local installation or cloud? What OS and how did you install? Are you using Docker?

I resolved this, but I'll answer the questions just in case it's helpful to someone in the future.

This was a local install on Raspbian (buster). Installed via NPM.

I resolved my issue by exporting my flow json, deleting the entire flow json file, and re-importing it all. Once I did that, credentials started saving as expected again.

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