Cron max iterations issues

I’m getting this issue found here and it says to “revert to 1.7.2” but I’m not sure if this is referring to NodeRed or it’s actually referring to inject node or what. Can anyone help?

@Arm555 that issue is on the cron module and all the discussion is about the cron module and its version numbers. That has nothing to do with the version number of Node-RED.

This is the first I've heard of an issue with the latest cron module. I will take a look and see if we need to publish a new Node-RED version that reverts to the older version of cron.

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Thank you for the reply here and github! Ok for now just setting docker to restart and notify when it has restarted.

Node-RED 1.0.6 has been released that reverts the version of the cron module.

The docker images have been updated.

Thank you so much!!!! I just updated!

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