`CSS` buttons not remembering settings as well as normal buttons

With my recent journey into CSS I am slowly going through updating buttons to CSS ones.
They look a bit nicer and I need the practice in designing them.

As it is I leave the old buttons in the flow and disable them - just in case.
And just as well too.

Here is an example of what is happening.
The buttons with the rounder corners are CSS the other is a standard button.

Screenshot from 2020-06-10 14-46-26

The idea is there are 3 buttons that indicate what is being displayed on an LED strip.
Temperature, time or date.

The active one is green.

As you can see, the CSS one is blank, but the normal button is still showing it is selected.

I'm not getting why. If I press it (the temperature button - either) it goes green.

I am not 100% sure it is pressing the reload page on the browser that does it or just ...... time.

The flow has a few non standard nodes, so I am a bit hesitant as posting because it needs those nodes.
(Though they aren't critical for operations)

Can anyone tell me what is going on with what I have told or do you need to see the flow?

Thanks in advance.

Just checked

I clicked on the button to make it green, press the reload page and after the reload it was back to being blank - as posted.

One thing that may make some difference here is this:

If it is selected, then after refresh the latest payload is resent to template and you may have luck that it is the state you need your template button to be.

If you find that it is not reliable, you will need to have one ui_control node (may be set to fire message when dashboard connects) connected to some function type of node which then asks for current state and sends correct payload to template button.

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I didn't see that on my browser.

Screenshot from 2020-06-10 16-20-52

This option available since dashboard version ... heh, don't remember but added lately. So with update you probably get it..

No, it is more a browser quirk.

It sometimes hides things at the bottom of the window.

I've mentioned it with a few things and people say they don't have the problem.
(Though most use chrome, I think)

I'm a Firefox person.

Oh well.

But I am making progress with things. What I need to do later on is consolidate all the template nodes into one and just have one CSS template.

But at where I am, I am finding it better having multiple ones as if I have a problem with x, I open x's template node and the list is succinct - and therefore easier to parse.

(Though some would argue even that isn't working too good) :wink:

Anyway, the journey (and fun, and learning) continues.

Thanks again.

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