CURL with login on website, to get data

Hi All.

Hope someone can help me.
Is there a way in NodeRED to get some data (DIV data/info) from a website, where you also have to login?
I have a Graviator and that one, is giving me a temp... I can see that temp from a web interface, after I have logged into the website, by using this link brewcreator but how do I activate the "Login" button and adding my username/password, so I can find the DIV i need the info from, on the next page?

You can do this* using a http request node. Login forms are submitted via POST requests. See documentation. To replicate the browser/website behaviour in node-red (or curl for that matter) you will need to follow the webinspector actions on the website. It might use encryption, cookies and other methods to secure the login.

The "easiest" way is to open the webinspector on the website, go to the network tab, clear everything and login. You will see various actions happening, once it is done loading, look for the page name where you ended up, right click on it and select "copy as cURL", paste it in a notepad and (try to) reverse engineer required headers

* depending on the security method that is used on the website.

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