Custom Node error [object Object]

I have a need for dynamic Websocket's for my project. However this isn't supported by the core nodes.

I came across VIKRAMAS's posts on this forum, about the nodes he has written with dynamic Websocket support.
Here: Custom node is not adding to Node-red
And here: Node red custom websocket how to handle connections

Unfortunately, after I created the custom Node with supplied code. I get an error "[object Object]" under palette manager and the custom node does not load.

Can anyone please help me trouble shoot why I get this error and unable to load the custom node?
As I was able to follow example/s and create my first custom Nodes "lower-case" without any issues. Using ether the npm link or npm install method for adding new custom nodes.

The error would have been logged by the runtime when Node-RED was starting up.

We also fixed displaying the error properly in 1.0.5 or .6 so you don't just get [object Object]

Hi knolleary, thanks for the quick reply.
I updated to the latest v1.0.6, still get the same [object Object] error displayed.
On Node-Red startup I get this error for the module:

25 May 19:32:59 - [warn] [node-red-contrib-websocketlistener/websocketlistener] ReferenceError: RED is not defined

Realised what that error was. Was missing "module.exports = function(RED) {" as the start of the .js file.

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