Custom Nodes Appearance

I am beginner to node-red tool, I have created few custom nodes, how do I change the shape and styling of those nodes, I tried to add few css styling inside node html file, but it was not reflecting

Any detailed guidance on this would be highly appreciated

Hi @Khk2000

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I tried to give an explanaition in the other thread:

The short answer is: There's no interface / functionality that offers you to change the shape and styling of a node in the workspace.

If I wish to change icon of custom nodes other than those provided by node-red, my own icon, after following documentation, it says to place the icon.svg or icon.png inside icons folder which I found inside node-red/packages/node_modules/...../icons/
But this path seems to be generated one and can't be included inside code changes,
Is there someother way we can include this in, so our node display my icon

Create an icons folder in your own node package next to the .html and .js files.

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